Not feeling sleepy at 4am so I just drew some skulls and hentai pictures and afterwards destroyed the pictures so no one will know I drew them


I'm feeling rather creative....

Why haven't I posted anything about Animecon 2009?
It was really awesome!

Where are the pikachu cosplay pictures?

My mind is blank.

I just can't think of anything interesting to tell you...
I guess the whole story is summed up in this blog title. One can find himself doing weird things at 2-4 in the morning...

I am no exception...

Does my readers even want to read this? I wonder... Why do you guys read my useless and not entertaining blogposts... Why do we even keep blogs if we're not making money out of it. I'm clueless.

Has it ever occurred to you that life really shoots by. You should stop sometimes and enjoy the view cause before you know you're DED

8========D <- PENIS

Am I being to vulgar? Please don't be offended cause there's a gun pointed at my head right now forcing me to write all of this perverted stuff... That's a lie.

Has it also ever occurred to you that msn is the root of evil? My chatlogs consists 80% of dirty words. I can actually have a deep conversation with only the words dick, pee, shit, rectum, pubic and shampoo(p). It's not a talent. Just hard and stiff practice. My mind is really dirty at 4 am ._.

Here is a picture of a skull.
Oh btw.... never google "clothed" pictures in google.nl when your parents are in the same room. For some reason google.nl see clothed as porn :D

I wish I knew how to remove the read more crap... It's absolutely useless.

Fat people can't swim



10 Responses to “Not feeling sleepy at 4am so I just drew some skulls and hentai pictures and afterwards destroyed the pictures so no one will know I drew them”

Randolf said...

LOL. This was a great blogpost. :D I don't think you should have destroyed the hentai - you are now a fully fledged hentai artist, amirite? ;)

Randolf said...

Btw, fat people may not be able to swim.. but they can do this..

Nori said...

Fat people are amazing!

Anonymous said...


.secret. said...

en ik heb ook al gecomment btw
jwz 8D

en met "clothed" krijg ik niet zo erge plaatjes (damn herpes >.<)


ps; je bent wel vaker dirty (dan alleen 4am =#

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

good one! i just added tons of another emo backgrounds for my blog

Anonymous said...

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