It's all in the face

There are only a few things that are priceless in this world. The moon, true love, eternal happiness and of course... Hiromi Uehara's facial expression when she's playing piano. Just priceless! I went to an concert today with Ivan, Ian and lovable Vicky. It was a jazz/piano concert of Hiromi's Sonic Bloom. Who is Hiromi anyway... Well she's a talented pianist from Hamamatsu, Japan. A jazz pianist to be precise and she's on world tour. So guess what... She was just here in my own lil' Z'meer in the Boerderij!!!!! WTH!!!!! Bought a ticket a while ago and today was the day. It was awesome! First part was way better then the second part but nonetheless still really awesome. She is sooo good on the piano and the way she looks when she's playing piano. So funny and still so touching hehehe. Like she's one with her piano and the sounds she's reproducing with her fingers on the keys are coming from her mouth =p just, like I said before, priceless. After the concert we bought a CD of her and got it SIGNED!!!! WOOOOOOT!!!! My very first signed thingie.... I guess. I prolly got something else that got signed but can't remember. But this rocks! Just wow.... Now I need to prepare for ANIMECON 2009!!!! Today is the today and it's going to be awesoooooome xD Be gone till Sunday and then I'll tell you everything about it. We got a big surprise for you and we're not telling what it is until the whole world can enjoy it too! Youtube.com will tell you what it is.

Hiromi in super saiyan form!

Anime is the crack of the fat and ugly.


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Anonymous said...

Prettty cool for your very first concert, eh ^^ <3