life : looks can be decieving -w-

Such lovely weather. Although it's only 14 degrees and very windy and pretty cold. Wtf am I saying? It looks nice but it's stupid outside. Stupid I tell you! But what to do today? I guess I'll just hang out with my favorite person on earth. If you have a favorite person earth hang out with him/her as long as you can cause he/she isn't your favorite person without reason! I don't have really much to tell. Oh yeah, seems people still can't figure out the knikkers brainteaser. Come on Nerrie... are you an university student or what? Hint: Make a difference in the crates, how can you know that in crate 1 are 10 gram knikkers. You weigh and you get a number and from that number you can calculate in which crates the knikkers are. Come on... COME ON.... Meh...

I got a brother who flushed his own cellphone down the toilet.


One response to “life : looks can be decieving -w-”

robotalien666 said...

I'm following ur blog now G. But you could just have stayed lazy and kept the black on white becuase the white letters on black are give me seizures. G'DAY THERE! xx