I ripped him off -w-

Tantoe... got 6 new headers for you!!! It's gonna prolly take a while before you see all of them =p at least it toke me 7 minutes of F5'ing >< Korean stuff says: Norman and Vicky or literally something like Nohmuhn and Biki xDDDD shiiit. The multiple pictures header is inspired by Danny Choo... Well more ripped off but hey... zie je mij boeien? Blablablabla noh DSi is not mine! Blablablabla ohyeah, I'm going to stop using those life : or junk : or blog : etc. thingies you know. It kinda pisses me off and makes me want to go to my old layout but screw that. So yeah............ Previous post is still F'ed up no matter how many times I see it. I got a more F'ed up picture for you guys but I'll just save you the misery and agony. Your eyes should be glad that I won't post that picture!!! I'm thinking of what I should write about. Or should I just do like almost every other blogger I know and just post a picture of something and add a caption or some info.... hmmm that's lame. GO NERRIE FOR INFOTAINMENT!1!!!!1!11!!!1!!! SUPER MEGA TURBO TITS!!!!!! Slaap lekker schatjes...

I feel like rocketing!


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Anonymous said...

retrovsmass.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.