F*ck you... I'm sitting on a mushroom!

Well today was interesting. Very interesting indeed. I woke up at 12:45 and I never imagined that in only 2 hours I was somewhere in Oegstgeest on a bicycle. You see... I went to Ivan because he asked me to come chill outside cause of the lovely weather and stuff so I agreed. Went to his home with my bicycle and he said he was going to his sis's bday. She lives in Oegstgeest apparently. Me, somebody who hates cycling, said HELL NO THAT I'M GOING WITH YOU!!!! FYI Oegstgeest is above Leiden and is about 15+ km from where I live. Bastard Ivan somehow managed to make me his travel companion. How does he do that... It's his power to make me be at places I don't want to be. I don't want to be in Oegstgeest and still he managed to drag me all the way through Zoeterwoude en Leiden. Motherf*cker! Well it's a really long story so if you want to read it all you just click the Read more... button on the bottom of this post. New functions hooray!!!

So yeah... the bitch dragged me to Oegstgeest on the bicycle. Almost 1.5 hour ride cause I'm very slow on a bicycle meh! You know what really was like sucky sucky of this whole ride? My own bicycle has broken down two nights ago so I had to take my mum's bicycle but wtf.... the saddle of my mum's bicycle. It's a skirt saddle. Really weird. It was like a freaking mushroom. Very hard to ride on and a hell of suffering for your ass. Imagine riding 30+ km's on a mushroom. My ass ain't happy now. I'm not even sure I can feel him right now while I'm typing this... But fortunately Ivan and I switched bike's from time to time but I had the mushroom for most of the ride. But wth... what was I doing on a mushroom about 4 km's from my house. I was like swearing to Ivan the whole time. So pissed but the frustrating part is he knows I still love him even thought he is making me suffer so much >< Saw a lot of interesting places where I've never been... Saw a grandpa screaming at me for unknown reasons... Saw scream-masks in a van? Rode a road with busses driving past you every 2 seconds what is really scary if you realize your just 70 kilo's when a bus of 34718247912 kilo's ofzo is gaining in on you with only less then a meter between you and the bus... screamed a lot at that road. After a long long ride we finally arrive in Oegstgeest. Got a lot of flirts there xD... from 14 year old's ._. There was a party going on in a street and there was a big window where we could see inside the house and inside the there was a table with about 6 girls. When we rode past them they all started at me like I was some kind of lust-object. One of the girls even waved at me and I, being polite, waved back of course. Sorry ladies... I'm taken!!! We arrived at the house of Ivan's sis and saw about 10 people I don't know and only 3 I do. Weird... Almost all of them were family of Ivan. Cool to meet them but so weird. Said congrats to his sis and then we went outside to explore the wondrous world of Oegstgeest. I brought the analog SLR Minolta camera of my dad, which I sort of own know, with me so I toke some snapshot. Gonna develop them tomorrow. Was really fun to play with. We sat at a bench for a couple of hours and those girls I mentioned earlier... from where we were sitting we could see them clearly... and so did they. They started staring at us and waving again. Freaky! Few hours later we ate tomato soup and mucho garlic bread. Oegstgeest is sooo weird btw. Airplanes are flying over it with an altitude of I guess only 700+ meters. Really wow and it feels like Oegstgeest is like separated from the rest of the world. We departed around 6 pm for home sweet home. F'ING SADDLE. I soooooo hate that bicycle. On the way back we toke a lil' detour and went through Stompwijk. Nothing special. Had like a kazilliong bugs fly against me. 4 in my mouth and 2 in my eyes even though I was wearing glasses. A real bug hell. Stupid buggers!!!!!! Phew... finally home. Came across like 9 cool ducks being at random places doing random funny stuff. Ass is more numb now. I just pinched it and literally... I didn't feel a thing. Really!!! Well I wasted and sooo tired so me is going to take a nap. I hope I will get my pictures soon once I let them develop. Then I can show you, hopefully, some cool shots.

There's a really fat guy laying in my bed. I don't know what to do.


2 Responses to “F*ck you... I'm sitting on a mushroom!”

_ Chickinn said...

NORI SNORI <3 /wave

-vliegt in je mond-

cut the bullcrap..
verman jezelf neri =#

ANIMECONSHOW!!!1 neem op neem op =(

(gefeliciteerd zus =D)

Mansyah said...

1,5 uur lang?

norman niet zeuren, vorige zomer zijn aa ik rudy naar hoofddorp gefietst, en dat duurde 6(!!!) uren!
vermoeiend, maar idd. je ziet zo nog 's wat,
hmm.. ayuk keertje friesland en terug ya:P