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HELL YEAH!!! Finally working!!!

Your asking what is finally working?!?
My answer would be: PRESS F5 (or just refresh w/e)!!!!!!!!!

See any changes? Hehehehehe.... now every time you load my blog you see a different header 8D I made 8 in total. Prolly gonna make a bunch more later. But damn, this was a hard job to do. Not exactly the way it turned out but after like 8+ hours working on this I think I deserve a nap. Gonna tweak it someday so that the searchbar isn't in the header but just below it. The searchbar and the header are embedded as the same body so move the searchbar means move the header. What a hassle. Somehow it didn't work with my blog but it ended up to be the problem of the image host. F'ing imageshack ">_> Photobucket FTW!!!! After switching image host it finally started to work. Only thing left was resizing and stuff.
OMG the work I've put into this. Just crazy. Here some screenshots of what I've been working with.

This is my working space. CHECK ALL THOSE SHIATSU NOTEPADS FILLED WITH JAVASCRIPT D:And look at all those tabs in firefox!!! See all those tabs??? Well add 11 more and that's all of the tabs I've been using. Well not really all of them but most of them. Filled with tutorials and guides for javascript. Going back and forth back and forth. MEH!!!! Never again. Although when you get the end product I guess it's all worth it.YOU SEE HOW MUCH EFFORT I HAZ PUTTED INTO THIS?!?!?!? You better appreciate it. Oh yeah that reminds me. If you see yourself in the header and don't want that picture just holla. I'll just change it and remove it if you want to. Your face, your rulez. BTW, don't ask me how I did this cause I'm not sure myself. Just Google everything like I did. Google is my new BFF! I maybe can give you some advice but that depends on my mood. Just try it yourself first =_=" sigh... Well I think I'm gonna hit the sack and doze of to dreamland to play with Kirby n co. so I check you guys laters. Got a week vacation now so that's OMG freaking cumming kinda stuff... wait, didn't I already told this? Ah to lazy to check my previous posts if I wrote this. Oh and one last note, this one wasn't written with the widget for you dumbasses out there. There is no -w- and there are pictureeeesususususasasasas!

Found some cookie crumbs under my pillow but they were covered in a white sticky substance.


3 Responses to “blog : POW”

sneesz said...

nice work, nori! did you do the scripting all by yourself or did you use a template to get started?

Nori said...

Well I first got a template for the layout and then I searched for a tutorial on Googlez but I had to change the scripting cause I didn't really worked for my layout. Once I got it to work I just changed the HTML of the site so it was in the right position with the right proportions. The main thing was that the imagehost didn't wanted to show pictures 2-8 so I thought it didn't worked.

Randolf said...

I actually like the search bar there. I wouldn't have thought it was not meant to be there until you mentioned that it actually wasn't. Either way, javascript, for me, raises hell. I can't do it for the life of me as easily as other scripting languages.