life : welcome to jakarta

Life/indo : welcome to jakarta

Heeya~ I haven’t been blogging for a while, mostly because I don’t have a clue what to blog about. I was stuck in boring Malang with only my computer and my Wii, doing absolutely nothing. I could have posted pictures of the house or other stuff but you know me, I’m down right lazy hehehehehe… Well on Monday, the 28th of July, I went to Jakarta for about a week because my big baby brother of 23 was getting married on the 1st of August ^^ a nice surprise doncha think =P Because I was in JKT for a while means that I have something to blog about =D YAAAAY

DAY 1, Monday the 28th,
Welcome to Jakarta

That day I was online at the usual time at 00:00 hours. Because we were going to fly to JKT at 8 (it became 9 cause the flight was delayed =S) and had to leave the house at 6:30 and I usually fall asleep at 5 I thought WTHeck! I’m not gonna sleep, I’m going to chat till I leave. So I did. BAD PLAN!!! Almost pasted out on JKT airport cause the lack of sleep and I also couldn’t sleep in the plane nor the car D: kinda gay yeah. So I ended up that day spending the whole day in the hotel (Hotel Atlet Centrury Park, Senayan) sleeping. Woke up around 7 and went eating in Plaza Senayan I think ….. ._.” or was it Senayan City? Did I even ate something ._." OWHYEAH!!! I ate Wendy’s ._.” yeah that’s right… Junkfood '-'

DAY 2, Tuesday the 29th,
Welcome to Jakarta

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhm…. I’m trying really hard to remember what happened on this day >_<” …… AAAAAAAH I REMEMBER NOW D: D: D: D: D: In the morning we went to Pasaraya for my mom. Spent like 0 RP there except for ice cold Starbucks without an AC and with a broken espresso machine. After that we went to Plaza Blok M. Bought, of course, comics and some illegal wiigames LOL xD. After that we went to Grand Indonesia! New mall which is AWSOME! It got like a lot of floors but at the fourth floor every wing/thing/wu-tang clan thingie place got his own theme. One got a Chinese theme and an other Japanese. There’s also a Brooklyn style thing, Arabic power place, Roman shiz floor and moulin rouge ala Paris hall. Was pretty awsome hehehehe. Bought once again comics and that night would be the last time we had dinner with just the four of us so we ate at SUSHI TEI!!!! And did we pull the plugs on the sushi!!! OMFG it was tantoe great. I ate like beyond the max capacity of my stomach and some more. There was soba and tempura don and of course freaking unagi =D Bro and mom says this unagi tasted like soil but I was like “wtf you guys insane? This tastes freakin great MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~” and here’s the final blast. I ate PINO for dessert =DDD that shit is gooood, damn it =P

DAY 3, Wednesday the 30th,
Welcome to Jakarta

Today some of my relatives from Holland were arriving in JKT and are going to stay in the same hotel. This year a lot of relatives are staying in Indo because of Edo’s marriage. But they were not due to late in the evening. So we went to FX. A new lil mall not far from the hotel. It got the same logo as EX but the e changed into an f xD. It was small but okay. This mall got a slide that goes from the seventh floor to the first D: awsomeness. It got rotations? And stuff lol =P So we went to FX to meet up with Nadiah in Starbucks for some last plan changes or something like that for the wedding. Met a lot of friends of Nadiah there. Friends I already met like Jayko and Octi but also new friends. One is even from Holland but I keep forgetting his name. I’m really bad with names when I’m in indo somehow lol. Blablablablablabla Owhyea I bought some cool shoes in Plaza Senayan today this morning that I forget to mention. The name was uhm…. Nike Black? Oncore. I think =D. I don’t know what the type is called but it looks kinda like a SB but the logo has a 6 in it =D LOVE THESE SHOES hehehehe. So I tried them on in Starbucks and kept them on. After BUCKS we went to the foodcourt to eat. Got free vouchers for the slide and later met up with my relatives and went to MacD and after that it was sleepy sleepy time for al of us.

DAY 4, Thursday the 31st,
Welcome to Jakarta

Day before the wedding. For some reason Edo can’t see Nadiah today and vice versa. But the thing is, Nadiah’s family and herself went checking-in in the same hotel as ours and the WHOLE Hendriks family (only the ones who are present in Indo), wich arrived in the morning, was standing in the lobby with Edo and me and Nadiahs family was checking-in at the same time which was kinda LOL cause I could swear Nadiahs lil sister Lidah looked me straight in the eyes and they still didn’t knew we were standing there =P Can’t remember anything intresting today except that we ate with the Hendriksen in Senayan City in a special multi culti restaurant where I order an I Luv Unagi roll (8 unagi sushi’s ^^) with Unagi Don (unagi rice bowl ^^). I can’t get enough of unagi D: why is unagi so damn great hehehehe.

DAY 5, Friday the 1st,
Welcome to the wedding

The day of the wedding. A lot of hectic preperations. Running around in the hotel looking for people or searching for stuff. Getting dressed in hyper active epic wedding gear… well not me but Edo. One said he looked like Alladin, an other said he looked like the Prince of Persia and my nephew from Haarlem said he looked like a bunny xD lololololol. Everybody was gathering in the main hall on the 14th floor, the floor where I and my family and Nadiah was residing. Saw a lot of family from Malang and saw my relatives from Balikpapan whom I haven’t seen in a long time. It was nice. 4 o’ clock! Wedding time! We went to Mesjid Al-Barim, if I haven’t spelled the name wrong, for the muslim ceremony and stuff. I sat like for about 1.5+ hours and I sweated like an otter and I got cramp of the sitting. So glad it was finally over and we ate and stuff yayayayayayay ._. after the wedding we went to Hotel Mulia (5-star) to drop EdNa for their first nite together *^^* hehehehe =P Dropped off and went with friends to FX to have a great time of chit-chatting in Foodism. Sleep.

DAY 6, Saturday the 2nd,
Welcome to the handshaking

So today is going to be the big big big party of Edo and Nadiah’s (now my new sister). It’s hard to explain what happened al day long so let’s just start from the moment I arrived at the party place (before that I showed my relatives from NL grand indo, I was their guide lololol). It was 4 pm already and at the entrance were those big signs made out of fake flowers congratulating EdNa (Edo Nadiah 4 short). It’s hard to explain what they are because their probably an Indonesian tradition. Basically a family/company can order those to be send to the party because they can’t come. A sort of compensation for not coming. So I saw a lot of those signs. Even some coming from big company’s and banks. Some even spelled the names of EdNa wrong. I saw one with Eko and one with Eddo xD now that’s fail =P I saw about 20 or so but I heard at the end of the night that there were 70 others signs but there was no room for them
._. Anyway, the main hall was gorgeous, really big and there were food stands everywhere. At an Indonesian wedding nobody sits, everybody roams around eating and talking. I like Indo style better then any other style hehehe. There were so many food stands and so many different kinds of food. Dim Sum, Korean BBQ, Chocolate Melt, Zuspa Puspa xD etc. There were also three big ice sculptures. One was a vase and the other two were the letters E and N for EdNa D: ICE SCUPLTURES YOU HEAR D: I had to wear super uncomfortable epic lvl 78 wedding gear which was really hot to walk in and I had to wear that for like 5 hours or so. But Nadiahs situation was even worse. After she was done with make up and gear it was like if she just moved a lil bit that everything that she wears just explodes D: she was like a slowly moving statue xD. @ 7 the party began. Big blablabla entrance where we had to walk into the main hall very slowly blablabla some traditional dancers blablabla I almost tripped blablabla… I was free at last to roam among the guest while my parents, Na’s parents and EdNa had to shake hands and take a picture with about 2500± peeps xD poor them. It was hella fun because I saw a lot of peeps who I usually only see in NL, but to see them in Indo was really fun and stuff. Mas Aman, Anya, Fauzi, Wishnu, Anan, Nada, Diaz, Rudolf, Patrick, Andy, Lydia and Ariya were al present, some of them with parents. Really really fun!!! I also saw some old friends from Indo again like Irfan and of course Egah xD with her it’s always fun hehehehehehe~ What’s also really weird of EdNa’s wedding was that the vice-president of Indonesia dropped by and that he made a big entrance with al his bodyguards with M17 or something like. I didn’t saw it ._. I don’t care =D blablablablablabla wedding over boom shazaaam! Poor Nadiah, both her feet was swollen and stuff. It was really bad, she even had to be taken to the car in a wheel chair D: that bad. Sleep once again.

DAY 7, Sunday the 3rd,
Welcome to Ancol

Today I went to Ancol (a sort of theme park in JKT at the sea) with some relatives. My lil cousins ^^. Was fun but really really really really hot. Went to Sea World Indonesia and rode the Cable Car =D I got back at the hotel at 4 after being ripped by the taxi =_=” That night ate at the food court of Plaza Senayan with relatives from Malang and I found a really cool shop with really cool tee design from Japan =DDDDD expensive but awsome. 280,000 RP per shirt and every next shirt gives you a 55,000 RP discount per shirt. I bought two really cool ones =D wanted to buy more but my wallet, my concious, my guilt and especially my mom wouldn’t let me buy more =___=

DAY 8, Monday the 4th,
Welcome to Puncak

My mom and dad left in the morning to visit someone and I was like screw that lemma sleep huahahahaha. Al my relatives were going to leave today to Malang or Sumatra so they al stashed their suitcases in my room till they had to leave. I couldn’t sleep properly because of that ._.” After some of my cousins jumped on me a few times I knew it was time for me to wake up. So I did… TADAAAA ._. putted on my awsome new shirt from JP =D. At around 2 I said goodbye to everybody and then I was al alone in the hotel. Edo picked me up with Halidah and Bimo (lil sis of Na and her bf) at 3.30 and we went ice skating at Taman Angrek LOL. I didn’t fall =D D: wth, it was sort of my first time ever if you don’t count that time I borrowed my bro’s skates 10 years ago for an hour. It was kinda easy and it was a lot of fun ^^ That night we had a final dinner with the whole “new” family together for this vacation. So my fam+Na’s fam. It was at Shangri-la. They had an al you can eat buffet. There was Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, grilled, Indonesian and a really awsome dessert bar. I LOVE the dessert bar the most. It had ice cream teppanyaki and chocolate dipped strawberries and a lot of cakes and so much more. It was so incredible. That night we checked out the hotel and went to Puncak with tante Tintin to her villa in the mountains for 2 nights. I was kinda bummed out we had to leave JKT but the villa is quit great =D I’m sitting on my bed in this villa while I’m typing this. But I really miss JKT now knowing that I won’t be back till next year. I miss everybody already, all of my new friends and stuff, all the different Nadia/h’s and Jayko and her friends and Halidah and Kak Neda. Sigh =(

DAY 9, Tuesday the 5th,
Welcome to Puncak

Today nothing special happened. Watched half of the Mtv Asia Awards on TV and some other show. It was just basically a TV day =) kinda boring but oh well.

DAY 10, Wednesday the 6th,
Welcome to Malang

Well it’s now 0:50 hours while I’m writing this day and I can tell you that not a lot has happened in 50 minutes =) Today I’m leaving to JKT airport at 12 or so to go to Malang again and when I’m in Malang you will see me back online at the usual 7 pm Dutch time ^^ I will edit this day if something interesting happens. EDIT: Dear diary… Nothing interesting happened today ._.

WTF D: I just wrote 4 pages in word about my adventures in JKT and that’s not even all of what I’ve is to write D: I think most people will not even get to this last part or they did but haven’t read everything =P I don’t care ^^ I’ll be back in NL on the 26th of August, so maybe you’ll see me then ^^ that’s 19 more days to go =D



Some foto’s of the wedding/s…

Muslim wedding


The fated pair

Just the wedding dude D:

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