life: mathematical problems

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Apa kabaaar~?

btw : my font in the header is fucked up cause I didn't bring it on my dad's laptop so you'll have to this then =D FU

Me is talking to you from Indonesia, East Java, Malang. My "home" town sort of. Well most of my family lives here so that practically makes it my home town I guess. Well anyway, I'm at my house... the one that my dad built and DAAAAAAAAAAAAIMN is it huge, big, awsome and to damn great =P. Not yet finished but who care's ^^ I arrived today from Jakarta in Malang. Spent around 4 days in JKT. Not doing much for myself. Bought some comics, a lot of Polo's and a Levi's jean ^^ aaaaaaaand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FINALLY BOUGHT ONE OF MY FAVORITE GUNDAM'S!!! THE STRIKE NOIR MG GUNDAM YAAAAAAAAY........ It was like 10 euro's cheaper here hehehehehe =P In JKT I was mostly following my mom and bro and his fiancee. Alot ofthings to do before the wedding. Fitting cloths, sending invitations and some more stuff. It was okay in JKT but now I'm in Malang... there's nothing to do here... except for swimming and playing with my lil cousins ^^ and I got my internet and Wii up and running. The downside of my internet is that I only have 1 gig a month to download and if I'm over that 1 gig I must pay the bulls wich is like 200 rupiahs a megabyte and that makes it about 16 euro's for another gig... I'm willing to pay that hehehehe =P If it keeps me blogging and online with my friends ^^ So yeah, I haven't got much to say... except that I wish Bob, who went to Japan for 5 weeks yesterday, alot of fun and good luck and let us pray that he brings us back ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of souvenirs or else we beat the crap out of him and put it back in via his mouth =D

Owhyeah.... I miscalculated the time of how long I'm in indo... It's not 7 weeks... IT'S FREAKIN EIGHT WEEKS D: one week down, seven to go =__= damn those hippies >_< calender ="P

Hope to talk to you guys soooooooooooooon on msn, so keep checking reguraly around 5 till 8 o' clock =D



4 Responses to “life: mathematical problems”

Anonymous said...

whaaa you're in sunny indo while there's hujan here.. AGAIN.
but get some internet for the wiiiiiii ^^ I was able to play with Australia so. not with Ivan though, guess he fails =p

and yeah, Bob better be bringin some pino chocolate or something!!

'woeter toeter' said...

malang sux D:

wow, i wanna make some friend eggs and then fail them.. but eating them is cooler, no?

yourfriendlyneighborbob said...

heeeeey dude how:s it going ;P hope youre having fun too. its very hot here in Japan. is it in indo too? what and youre staying 8 weeks !?! that@s a surprise. can you do the ff7 fighting song already? keep me updated
oh and good luck with the wedding
oh and i love you too ;)