life : things to tell before i go

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Hello there peeps,

Long time no post, right? Yeah, everybody has a sort of break around this time of year. I don't know why. Remember last year on this blog? I didn't posted for almost six month if I remember correctly. It started around this time of the year. I blame mr. Weather =)

Well anyway, let's get to the real subject!
Things to tell before I go...
I'm going to Indo in about 34 hours or so for seven weeks.
Seven weeks is long. Well for me it's long because most of the time there I'm bored and time flies bye so slowely. Not that Indo is boring or something like that, it's just the place I'm in. My house is like 2 hours away from the closest big fun mall >_< course ="P
Well seven weeks gone... without friends... I'm going to really miss my friends... and probably you too because my readers are mostly friends hehehe =P

Things to tell before I go:

Well after the May vacation again a lot of things happend =P
I had final exams... and guess what... I PASSED!!!! WooT WooT WooT WooT WoW WooT WooT WooT
Yeah I passed... and now high school is history =( kinda weird that I'm sad cause most people thought/think high school sucks. Well to be honest... it was the best time of my life. So I'm going to really miss it.
But I'm also looking forward to my next study. Technical Physics @ THRijswijk ^^
Gay school but great education!!!
RESPECT 4 PHYSICS, (" ¯o¯)!!!!

Next subject:
I thing I wasen't really honest about the school thing cause I think the weeks after the finals were maybe better. It was sooo great those weeks. Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun ^^ party after party, friends and even more friends, aah good times =P
My party is the winner of al party's. It lasted 25 hours!!!!! DAAANG I know. But it was sooo much fun ^^ I really got to know my friends better =P I really love my friends and I couldn't wish for better ones. Rietjes party was also tantoe awsome but only lasted about 18 hours or so xD me win!!!

Brawl~ I got it official! Me is happy =D.... done

Edo is already gone 2 indo =( He'll be there for a long long long time =(

Well I'm into Michael Jackson and 80's stuff right now again =P

What do I have to tell?
Hmmm last sunday was awsome =D Drank starbucks ^^ went to parkpop! Played Brawl @ (" ¯o¯) till half pas one ^^

Hmmmmm apparently I don't have that much to tell... I thought I would write more hehehe....
Last few notes:
See the photo at the right? I'm gonna post there a picture of my holiday everytime I'm posting so you guys don't forget my face ^^ and I'm gonna keep on trying to post. Am I making a big deal of 7 weeks? Hope not =P but I'm afraid in those seven weeks alot would happen =( and I don't wanna miss that.

Well bye bye now
Hope to see you soo readers
Love my friends alot


ps. especially you <3

2 Responses to “life : things to tell before i go”

Anonymous said...

First of all: physics is failz0rz ;p

and yeah, so many party's. I guess all of them include playing the wii hah. like I said before, don't worry. you won't miss out on anything, since everybody's going on holiday now.. except moi! yaaa I know, kasihan sekali
aduuuh. gonna brawl all summer long! last sunday was indeed much fun =D gettin starbucks.. our next adventure should lead us to disneyland~! anyway got something funny to tell u. some other time. k bai. see you not so soon.

BoBu said...

haha lollerfoto :P hey man ja blijf plz je blog bijhouden dan doe ik dat ook een keertje ;) enne IPO Winzz instantcupndl button !!