life : mayz vacazion i think

Wtf Mayz vacazion is my reason of my absence and the weather and everything else =__= well yeah lately itz freakin hot n I cant sleep @ nite wtf!!!!! Sigh I dont know what to tell =( well lets start with the may vacation!

In the beginning,

In the beginning there was the beginning of the holiday... a day called saturday! I dont remember wtf happend on that day and I dont think Ill ever will ._. next day same story... prolly chilled with Ivan that day and the next day and the next day AND the next day. Lol one of those days I went to the Hague with Ivan.... dont remember which one... tantoe KFC >_<

Thursday lolzorz,

Oeh went to Slenaken ( somewhere near Maastricht in Limburg ) to see my family because my grandparents were married for 60 years =D yaaay. Was really fun because we stayed for four days and I saw a lot of my family members and their partners. Even saw my couson who I haven't see for a long time and even communicated with him for the first time because he only could speak for French back then but he stayed in Australia for a long time and now he could speak english and then yay?!? lol but he has a Japanese girlfriend who also came over from Tokyo what was kinda cool. Spoke a lil bit Japanese ^^ yaay I got a Japanese relative lolzorz totally useless but fun ^^; I also got a book writen by my grandparents for al of us. Its about their lifes and it is tantoe intresting. You got a lil picture of me inside of it like when I was 4 months or so aaaawh how kawaii =D and a lot of pictures of everything. Even a picture of my 1 year or so old dad looking up to a 2 meter dog or so @_@ weird but fun of course. Memory's~~~!

Sunny daaay!

Around two got back from Slenaken. It was fun to be back home so early so I could chill with my friends. Downside is I didnt said my friends I was home early so they went to tha beach without me! THE BASTARDS! Around 4 I finally found them on the beach just before they were going. Lol they were hiding behind the naked beach and the naked beach is full with musky old dwarfs so I was scared to cross it omg. After beach-a-loogey's went to bob's place to BBQ with everyzorz. Saw Reinier and Nerrie again <3 stollen ="(">

MOOOONdaka sport dayz ~_~'

Liberation day for Holland.... BIATCH!!! Went to the swimmingpool with Ivan, Vicky, Bob, Fons and Dennis. Brought my coolsome Doraemon towel which of course every digged and everyone wanted xD Was fuun but we went way to late and we only could swim for a hour or so. After that we went to Mackey D's to feed. Wacko shizz!!!! Made a McD tower of Flurrys, Drinks and other stuff prolly =D and ate a delicious puking vomit McFlurry meats Fries meats Cheeseburger mix together with Vicks. Wanna try again?!? =D/Dx?!? It was good?!? at first but after that it tasted like a Braak!!! xD Went to the Marktplein where there was an open-air concert of unknow crap and lolzorz elvis/evils man with the sideburn Jehthro!!! ^^ was weird and ended up spotting planes for the next couple of hours. Around 10 grabbed some liquids at the shoarma place and sang ABC from the Jackson 5!!! 11 o clock fireworks back at marktplanc. It was the most lamo thing ever and it was money wasted... like I care, I got zorz an excuse to come home late ^^

Tuesday.... '-'

Dont really remember... prolly did something with Ivan, Bob and Vicky.... =) owhyeah CUPCAKES LOL picture below!!!

Wednesday.... lol I just write it like Wensday... its freakin saying Wed-nes-day -_-'

Dont really recall... same persons prolly =D hmmmm was it sushi with Bob and Vicky?!? It prolly was sushi... still spotting planes =P


Went to the Hague with Vicky to meet up with Fanji =P went to his crib and Vicky gave him candy underwear for his bday xDxDxD tantoe hilaaarious xD Was a really malas malasan daay. Ate dim sum 41 =____=


uhm...... its absolutely blank....

Saturday again

aah boring not gonna tell you!!!

Tay Zonday

Same old story?!?! Ivan perhaps?!?


Most weird day ever.... I think.... secret secret!!!

End of tha holidaaayz... now I need to learn for my final exams which I dont to learn for.... Like they stink and crap but I have to but I dont muahahahahaha xD!!!!!!! <3>

Oowh multiple pictuuuures

whats that on the ground?!?!1?!?!one?!?111?!??!?

Cupcaaaakes yaaay

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Anonymous said...

lol, I don't think 'speaked' does even exist =D btw Fons also went to da swimming pool with us. aduh~
mcflurry fries hamburger time! Oh and saturday was: mama mia '-'
secret secret ♪

Hahahahaahh~ dim sum 41...

Nori said...

WHAHAHAHAHHAA owhyeah thnx...


B O B said...

hhah ja beste vakantie ever :D na de examens weer?:P oh en die mushroom cakeje oownt !:D