TT : bob did what

OOWH MAAAAN!!! Compleet!!! Reason for my long absence: gaming mood was taking control ^^; my bad =P Anyway let's get on with the Talent Time story!!!

"A few weeks before the Autum Break"

Crewmember of BDC: Yo, we need to get into the Talent Time show!
Other crewmember of BDC: Yeah your totally right!
Maybe an other crewmember: Uhuh, it's our last year. We really need to left some BDC behind!
*Bob's running towards us (maybe he was walking =S)*
Bob: Yo guys, we got auditions for Talent Time on that and that date!
Crewmember: WHAAAT!!! YOU SIGNED US IN?!?!
Other crewmember: You did WHAT?!?
Maybe an other one: COMPLEET LOL XD
Maybe a fourth one?: Lol we need to come up with a show!
Bob: Totally

~to be continued~

Training Compleet for the SHOW!!!

5 Responses to “TT : bob did what”

_ Chickinn said...

Whatt?! We have a Talent Time Show?! Whenn!?

peachka. said...

hey you just shut up.. and look nice ;D

ps kewl picture! [header]

Anonymous said...

tan2 lauw

WAAAT (in the butt)