news : celebration

CELEBRAAATION TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know why? Well I got 2 reasons! Yesterday I was like looking back to some old posts and old blogs and then I noticed the date of those blogs and posts and you know what I found out?

I've been blogging now for 2 years and 9 daaaays!!! YAAAAAY !!!!! Wow, time sure flies. It feels like it was only yesterday. My first blog was called Bekobeko Bakemono (hungry monster) and I noticed my english sucked ten times more then it does now. The post I wrote and that blogs I had were also damn useless just like the post I post on this blog =D Here is an old post from my old blog. Just for old time sakes

The Bringer of Bad Luck
The bringer of bad luck... who is it, what is it or where is it. Nobody knows, but if you ask my friends at the mosk they would al know the answer, ME. You?!? Yes, me. Why?!? Because... uhm... well yeah. Saterdays at the mosk we went to the school play area just outside the mosk and chilled there, sort of. Some of my friends went on sitting on stairs of the playhouse and some others went on playing soccer. I was like doing sort of nothing and just went from one side of the area to the other side. At a moment the ball rolled my way and I wanted to kick it back. So I did, but I missed, it went straight for the roof of the "berging" of the "gymzaal" (I don't know the words and I'm to damn lazy to search for it) and al my friends were like "NORMAAAAN". I was like "oeps, damn". So we grabbed the "ladder" (portable stairs) from the gym and I got one the roof to find two more balls then the one I kicked. A hour or something like later that we found out there was a sort of yellow bucket in the tree next to the playing area. Bored as always, we tried to get the yellow bucket out of the tree. There were two balls and like 3 or 4 sticks. We al tried to throw those things against the yellow bucket so it would fall off. Guess what, everytime I threw something up the tree it joined the yellow bucket and it was stuck in the tree. So we didn't had any stuff more to throw and al my friends were pissed on me :P. After that there was somebody with another ball so everybody started throwing again, except me, they wouldn't let me -_- the bastards. They were al like "Nooh, go away, you bad luck bringer". At a moment a stick I threw fell of the tree and as soon as it hitted the ground I grabbed it and threw it to the bucket, yes you guessed it, it got F*CKING stuck again >_<. More pissed on me, one of my friend started to throw to hard with a ball and it got stuck on the highest branch of the tree and we were al like " '_' ... '_' ... aaaah crap this" and went back to the mosk. Now I'm famous for being the Bad Luck Bringer MUAHAHAHA. Let's do VooDoo. Ja ne

THIS BLOG IS ALIVE FOR ONE YEAR AND TWENTYONE DAAAAYS!!!!! YAAAAY !!!!!! Once again, time sure flies. I just can't believe it. Looking back to those days makes me feel nostalgic. I just love that feeling.

Wow. I want to thank al my readers for sticking with me this long. Without your comments I would have no motivation at al =D I also hope you guys will also stick to with me till the end =D!!!!! I love you guys ^^!!!!

4 Responses to “news : celebration”

_ Chickinn said...

here one more for your motivation!
(portable stairs omg xD)

Anonymous said...

1 year + 22 days!!

underwear. said...

bad luck??
ahw, are you be coming emo as well?

i'll get the make-up

B O B said...

:P XD grappige post(die ouwe dan)