life : what the future holds

I like it that more people blog and blog =D. Makes me happy that I'm not the only one, but still I'm the best blogger around (*cough*bragger*cough*) =D!!!!! This time I'm not gonna talk about what has happend. I'm gonna write (talk, write... what's the difference) about what the future holds. Long term and short term.

Short term
Vacation is less then a week away xD Gonne PARTY!!!! Let's see, Saturday Party, Sunday (mario) Party, Someday of the week Friends Party, Saturday Party and then prepare for school on Sunday =_=. BDC really needs to train for the Talent Time show , but lately it's getting better and so are we. What really bothers me is that examweek is soo close while the last one just ended >_<>
OKAY WTF. I just lost half of my post so I really can't remember what I was writing. Hmmmm OWHYEAH!!!! TALEN TIME!!!! 13, 14 and 15 MARCH (doing commecial for school) BE THERE OR BE SQUARE. Well if you want to go and your not on my school and don't know anybody that's on my school I could buy it for you if I know you. Our act is gonna be numero uno =D I don't know if this should be in short term or long term but I think my chances of love are rising =S don't ask why but it's just have a feeling or a hunch. But wich girl would I like =S I don't know any girls that I really really like and I can't think of someone who likes me =S still need a gf though, aah well

Long term
Got a lil stress in this situation. Thinking about vacation situations and new school stuff. Scared of my new school =( but now I think I know what I want to become and what I want to study. I want to study 'Technological Physics' and I want to become a professor and one day you will see my name between Newton and Einstein xD!!!! Let's just hope, right? I also hope my friend cirkel will expand and stay strong! I hope I can see my friends reguraly after we part ways to new schools and lifes!

So yeah, that's about it suppose =S I can't think of anything worth mentioning. Keep checking this blog and I write you in the Future!

wtf!!! It won't load pictures? The stupid bastards!!!
Well then here's a youtube vid of FMP - Don't you know

3 Responses to “life : what the future holds”

Ghandy said...

vacation next week -_-'? how come?
we don't have vacation next week or something. not even near. my next vacation is the may vacation.
and ehh, don't be scared of ur new school. I wasn't scared. I was excited. to see new people who are gonna be your friends. mwhuahua peace.

Anonymous said...

excited excited..
hey dude, go take a look at IMDB.com and enter cloverfield.

what do u see..
could it be??
oh yes it could..


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