dance : training dilemma

BUAHAHAHAHAHA EPIC FAIL! IN YOUR FACE JORN XD! Okay back on topic. We now have a big big problem. Talent Time is less then a month away and our show still isn't perfect. Joram screws his dance. Me and Bob still aren't synched. The ending is chaotic and the house routine still needs work. SO MUCH TO DO!!!! And we thought it couldn't get worse but it did! WE DON'T HAVE A TRAINING PLACE!!!! (sort of)!!!! Theres some problems at our danceschool so we cannot train there so we have to find a other place. We have other options but their not ideal or something like that. Why must it happen now?!? btw Talen Time meetings are gaaay D= be glad your not at those meetings! My IQ dropped with 20 so my IQ is now around 160 or so xD

Now let me talk about other stuff like Valentine's Day. No love for me =D I don't mind, but I do need a girlfriend. I'm desperate but I always have my substitute gf, NERMIN xD! There were some problems but everything is now A-Okay, sort of. But that other problem is a problem I'm not gonna fix. He's up to it alone. OTHER STUFF!!! Like music =D Always nice. Music is something everybody likes. WHOOPS o.o at exactly at this moment that I'm typing this my 46 minutes of BreakBeats of Nujabes ended! Now for part B. Two parts, A and B. Both around 46 minutes long. Both filled with 90% of nice jamming breaking beats and chillin beats. How freakin sweet is that. I also discoverd a neat program called Last.fm from in depth contacts and underground networks. Yeah internet cabels go underground and they form networks and those contact points are deep in the ground. Thank You Contacts!!! Last.fm is wonderfull. In 1 day I found like 4 new Japanese musicmakers including DJ Towa Tei. He makes alot of music and also the very loved and old school 2step kind of music. 2step.... those were the days, but for me everyday is a day. You know what makes me happy? Summer days. And there were a few days that felt like summer even if the temperature was low ridin. It's been so long since I blogged. I feel like I have to write down alot to make up for the missing time but what I've been writing is just one chaotic story. I'm going from subject. Can you even follow me or are you confused?!? And it seems I've been talking more junk then about dance so maybe I need to re-edit my header and title? But you know me!!!! Let's al say it together boys and girls!!! AZNS R LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that's a fact for sure! Well I still need to make plans for my secret club that has only two members called MMIC. Me and the other member still need to discus how to accomplish our main goal and conquer the world with hiphop.

This was Doctor Robotnick! Over and Out!

Can you spot the crippled guy?
Were a confusing bunch :P

5 Responses to “dance : training dilemma”

Anonymous said...


er komt niks zinnigs uit

Mermaid said...

lolI'mc()//\\//Fus3D @_@.

zeppelin. said...

nermin is mine gf..

wanna share? xD

Nori said...

sure =D im okay with that. THREESOME @_@

Nicky said...

MMIC 4 life:D