life : my holiday


Gaaawd, how boring was my holiday at sometimes. Okay let me show you my holiday: lot o Metroid, lot o Eating, lot o Sleeping, lil bit o Breakdance, lil bit o Friends chilling, lil bit o Friends(I mean the show Friends), lot o Comedy Central, lil bit o Shopping, lot o Chatting and did I mention lot o Metroid? Well yeah, it was quit boring indeed this holiday. Tomorrow school starts and I'm sort of looking forward to it, still figuring out if wich one. I got Metroid Prime 3 Corruption on Saturday morning and I must say, if your a Wii owner get this game Asap. Best game on the Wii together with Galaxy. . . AAARG MY HEART. Thinking about the best game makes me think about Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the best game that will be coming this year for the Wii. It makes my heart hurts that the Japanese people can play it on 24e of January and I don't even know when I can play. It hurts so much. AAARG. Anyway, I found alot of music the past few days. Lurve it. MOE =3.

Daishi Dance clip LUVE (he's a dj btw)

We were very sad that there's an end to Animecon.
I will tell you all about it in an other post of tales of my youth.

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a comment to show you that i am reading your blog. anyway, whats that tokyo dragon radio station on the right?

Anonymous said...

whaahh.. super smash brawl, find peace in the thought of seeing cloverfield soon...