games : it is time to brawl

For the past few months... wait did I just say few? I mean the past 8 months and 7 days I've been looking every single day on the official website of the game Super Smash Brothers Brawl for updates. I really mean every single day that I could look. EVERY SINGLE DAY. That's 252 freaking days. Now why would I go on this site every single day? For updates of course. Information updates for the best upcoming game in world.





That game is like heaven itself. It's better then every boys most fantasized wet dream. It's million times better then Mario Galaxy , kazzillion times better then Metroid Prime 3 and omegafreakillion times better then Halo 3 (it's true Dennis)!!!! Almost everyday, except weekends and still I checked the sited on weekends (weird), there is new confirmed information about Brawl on the site. Like new items or gamemodes, even new characters are sometimes announced. 252 days of waiting till that game is out and guess what... It still isn't out in Europe. Today (officially tommorow) Brawl went on sale in Japan. JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE PLAYING IT WHILE YOU ARE READING THIS. Unbelievable. We Europes probably have to wait till the third of april but I can't wait that long so I'm gonna mod my Wii so it can play illegal games so that I can play Brawl NOW. I still will buy it thought, honest is honest. It's just I can't wait till april. Like screw that. Now I only have to see where to mod my Wii, how much it will cost (got plenty of money so that wouldn't be an issue) and if it can play Brawl Japanese, American and Europe version. Let's hope for the best so that I can play Brawl very soon. Maybe I will even start my own foundation, the "Let Norman Play Brawl Foundation". Any donations? No? Nobody? =(

Like it's not really a photo but like I care.
Boxart of Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
I can already taste it.

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Anonymous said...

I dont even have a wiiiii.
Just have to do it with super smash bros melee then ;-;

"D" said...

I'm amazed how you found out that the solution for 5*31+3*30+7 is 314... I think you would agree with me if I told you that that is totally wrong. I don't know in which world/dimension/country your living, but in the world/dimension/country I'm living in 5*31+3*30+7 still is 252. Further more, I couldn't care less if it's better than Halo 3 :]

Nori said...

wtf your totally right. Weird =P, thanks for the tip. It has been updated

Anonymous said...

willing too donate!²

²under few circumstances:
1.given money should be well-spended
well-spended means: the game itself, the kid has too lock himself up for 2 days long in one room with the game (shouldnt be a problem)
2.kid has too finish the game in a respectable 4 hours, or else donations will be returned too donators (??)

yah deh..

yah rachman jah...

Nori said...

define finishing the game

B O B said...

leuke game hoor :) pikachu ownt natuurijk weer :D