dance : battle of the races

Tonite I'm gonna battle the whities!!! It's finally time to see who's better, the imigrants or the natives. Battle of the Races

From left to right:
Bboy Swetsnel (Nermin(L)), Bboy Nori (Moi), Bboy Jelly (Joran), Bboy Solid (Reinier),
It's me and Swetsnel versus Solid and Jelly. Solid is clearly the strongest here but Jelly is just a third leg so were gonna kick Jelly's ass and when Solid is alone he certainly can't handle us both, it's the truth! WE'LL SMOKE THEM.... POOF,
Hey, that rhymes! =D

You will see the result up later tonite... stay tuned.

ps, I'm thinking of changing my bboy nick to Bboy (dr) Robotnik. I kinda like the sound of that. Doctor Robotnik and Swetsnel versus Jelly and Solid =D.

5 Responses to “dance : battle of the races”

Anonymous said...

veel sucseks

B O B said...

hehe ik ben benieuwd :P

Mermaid said...

WE WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as expectahd.

Tha Ethnixz. rule.

(L) (L)

nu bina 1 uur... half 7 op.. voor me kranten.. jottem. 8)

Solid said...

*cough* Damn..ik had niet zo rustig aan moeten doen ..



*rent weg*

download said...

tis togh joraM ??