junk: value of commenting

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I don't think that many people know the real value of commenting, matter fact, I know that many people doesn't know the real value of commenting. You know how frustrating it is if you write a post, be it a good or bad post, and nobody gives a comment. It's like you talk to your friends and the ignore you 100% completely. No response at al. So owh damn frustrating. What's so hard about leaving a lil message, at least I know you read it. I know bloggers in my friend circle and they know how not cool it is if nobody comments. I know bloggers who quit because nobody comments. Sometimes I feel like quiting but I won't cause I know that there are some loyal readers out there (yes, you mermaid). I ask you to just comment a lil. I don't even care if you flame me. At least I know then that there are readers. Bleh.

Of Topic:

Some of you have seen the different lay-out with the rainbow on the left. Well it was a test fase and I saw that there were major glitches on my blog so I put it back on default. Have to fix it and tune it up a bit. I'm also working on the problem with firefox users. I'm trying to run my blog so it's readible for everybody, be it Inet Explo or FireF or even Apple browsers, I will make it work... somehow =P.

Cosplayers4LiFe ZOMG xD
Grabbed an old picture from the vacation of this year.
My two lil nephews from Indo, Malang.
Spidie = Hugo, Red Ranger = Aa (Fauzan)
Aren't they cute?!?
Peace Out and Rock On

7 Responses to “junk: value of commenting”

Ghandy said...

comment comment.


I left a comment

and I read ur post.


Mansyah said...

oke, norman, i hope this came trough, if it did..
i have too warn you,
i'm sending this message from the year 2010, in the pass time the world has changed into a battlefield, in 2009 a man named rudolf weinstein discovers a way too turn the vocal powers of aretha franklin into an energy soo strong, that it can go through tanks, thats the start of the war (the so-called: world war 2¼)
why it is called that way? don't ask, no one knows 0.0, soo youre the key too this all! it was all youre fault, never ever go too the second hand music shop too buy aretha franklin's "sweet jazz collection vol.1" NEVER! ONLY YOU CAN SAVE 2684048484 BILLION LIVES!!

and if the above wasnt interesting/frightening enough:
sugar lee hooper will have a comeback in 2009 if you dont stop this now!

save the humanity nor,
save it!

i am like so in love with your new layout. its realllyy cool. =D

"D" said...

I don't like commenting -.-

wow, je blog doet het bij firefox.. =D

Nori said...

crepe, your totally right. I didnt knew that xD

Mermaid said...

your english is like crap <3

jeeeeeaaaaaahhh my champ comp. is back. =)