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He just didn't? Neri bited me. Ah, I don't really care. Good for him to have vids on youtube with him and his hologram chair. *clap,clap,clap,*. So now I'm gonna bite him. You know his SOTD, Song Of The Day. Every day (post) he gives a song of the day. I think that's a really cool idea. So my bite of him is I'll do the same except I'm not having a song, I'm having a picture I toke that day. POTD, Picture Of The Day. I think it's a cool idea. Look forward to it.

A picture a day, keeps the writersblock away,

The 'stitle examen' sign. A sign that is hanged in the weeks of exams. I choose this picture because today I had my last exam for this period. Others still have a few exams to do. I am so happy now. It feels like vacation ^^

One response to “photo: a picture a day”

Mermaid said...

hello byter..

POTD rocksss =D

exams over.. congratulations^^