otaku: dannychoo

Me again!!!!

I wanted my world to know about the wonderfull site of dannychoo. Dannychoo is a chinese/english person who was born(?) and raised in the UK. Now he lifes in my favorite country Japan, Tokyo. He's very famous in the otaku world and is commonly know as the Shibuya Dance Trooper. I doubt that you haven't see the video of a Star Wars Storm Trooper dancing, that's him. His site is full with otaku stuff, japanese related content, figure reviews, his life and job. His site has a mascot girl called Mirai (future), it's that girl at the top left corner of his banner. His site is so well know that there's even an anime coming out about his mascot this december, I'm so gonna watch it. How awsome is that. His site is really worth checking out. Everyday I check what is new and what he has posted. There's even a lil bit of ero in for those pervs. There's always something interesting on it. I love that site and I so envy his life. He became something I always wanted to become. Living in Japan, have an awsome blog, become famous and worldy know in the otaku and business world. Aaaah dreams, so wonderful. I still have a long way to go. Here's a link to his website: http://www.dannychoo.com/

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