no category : feeling better

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I'm feeling alot better then yesterday. Because I talked to someone and I sort of got it of my chest. So that's brilliant news. I'm again in my usual happy vibe with some overview of different persons. I'm now more harder to crack, I suppose. You emo's really need to respect life. Dunno why I said that but emo's are so gaaay.

No category. Why do you suppose that is? It's simple. I just don't know under wich category I have to place this, life seems the most logical choice but screw life, I mean the category.

Music. One of the most beautiful things in life. The magical power of music goes beyond universes, beyond the stars, beyond the heavens, beyond the mystical and most importantly beyond the soul where it touches your heart. Imagine life without music. That would be alot harder then it is now. It's magnificent is beyond comprehension. Our brain can't grab the concept of music but it can touch the heart as deep as the ocean. I love music, who doesn't. I can tell you that there's nobody who can life without music if they haven't already cast music away. You should respect every music that has heart in it. No commercial music, that sucks. Real music that is in synchronization with your ears that are connected to your heart. Where you are yourself and not somebody else. But every persons music wave is different. I'm in love with my music wave. It loves a wide range of music and can enjoy everyone of them to the fullest bit. Music brings people, music is a way of communication, music can make love, music is a delivery system, music is the sugar on top of the sugar, music is that thing you hold most adorable, music is the beat of your heart, music fills a hole (partial), music is the worm hole to the other side of the world, music is you, me and the rest. You gotta admit, some songs give us the feeling of eating a hot chocolate sundae fudge melt cake with whipped cream and a strawberry on top of it to make it just perfect.

School. Exams are monday. Crap I gotta learn but no, I'm talking rubbish here while I gotta learn. I'm so nervous but I don't have to be. I believe in myself.

Today. What happend today? I don't really remember, but I know school is getting more fun by the day, well almost then. Yesterday Bobo brought a keyboard to school. A children retro small old keyboard, it was hella fun. Played on it in the break with some friends ^^. I'm thinking of buying a rubber keyboard that you can roll and put in your pocket. I also get the feeling I'm making more and more friends each day, getting to know each other better and such.
Love. Not much happend here. Just looking to girls, that's al.
Job. Got a job at a callcenter! Finally my first job, My first day is on the 12th of november. Kinda nervous cause I'm not such a good talker.
Life. Just try to enjoy it to the fullest, like I did. Yes, did. There were times I was happier, but it's getting better.

Well I'l be going now. Learning. Wish me al the luck I can get, not only for the exams but also on other things like job or love or something like that ^^. See us at TT.


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Ghandy said...

ewaa. ik ga die torie wel lezen enzo mn, altijd leuk om te lezen =P. en allang niet gesprokenn in persoonlijkheid. dus ik kom wss wel naar jullie toe in de kerstferien. ciaoo x

"D" said...


Anonymous said...

Upright testing to see if your annotation fuctinon works, mine doesnt!

Anonymous said...

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