life: missing them

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Today my grandma and my dad went back to Indo. I'm kinda sad. I wish my dad was here for a little longer. Without him this house turns into such a dull and cold place. My grandma was here for a month with my dad. My dad is working on a vacation house. That house is soo totally awsome sweet crazy nice tropical relaxing beautiful and just wow. My dad is gonna try to have it finished in february. My grandma is such a nice person. She's so sweet and she gives me a warm feeling. I really miss them already. We brought them to the airport this morning and said goodbye. Owh how I miss my family in Indo.


A few days ago I was studying in a study area in school. I was waiting for my Dutch exam so I started learning Chemistry with my earphones in and my IPod on Jazztronik. It soothed my mind and soul. At a moment I was kinda tired of studying so I just closed the book and lay my head on the table and started thinking about stuff. It was deep. Kinda realized how significant my existence is in this world, but you need to make the best of it.


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Anonymous said...

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee zat ik daar niet naast?