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You know. I was like studying sunday until I toke a break at 2 o clock. I went down to my mom's bedroom and turned on the tv. I started zapping and ended up on Nickelodeon. There was a Avatar: the last airbender marathon. Me liking Avatar a bit realised that it was uber. Avatar is a great serie, even if it's spoken in dutch. So I ended up watching it till 5 o clock. 3 hours wasted. Didn't study at all in those few hours. Avatar is really an amazing anime; or americame, that's how I prefer to say it. If I was in that world I wish I could bend air. An airbender. The uses of airbending are almost limited. You could make vacuum en cancel out fire. You could make the air molecuuls go so fast that friction against the ground/object become so great that it will burn and heat will fill the surrounding. You could cut anything. You can fly. You can have an unlimited supply of free energy with wind. So many uses, but because Aang is the last airbender I thing I would go for earth even if fire is more usefull. I think earth is so mighty. I could make a house out of nothing, how cool is that ^_^.

Yeah, I ended up not studying. Bad Norman, very bad Norman. But even so, I feel like I aced the physics exam. I wouldn't be surprised if I got an A+. I went smooth and perfect and sooooo great. I almost pissed my pants for nothing. My heart could fly out of my chest any moment back then and slaughter everybody in his way. So damn stupid that I felt that nervous. Now I need to study for Algebra and Chemistry. I hate chemistry. If I just could freeze time for more learning like Hiro Nakamura, Space and Time bending. A cool ability for Avatar, but that would also ruin the show.

I'll be seeing you lads, baibai


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