It's alive!!!

Seems I'm still alive. After almost nine months there's another post. Nine months. Alot has happend in those nine months. If you look back to those days it seems like a complete different world. Where do I start? I'm not starting. Well a lil bit of information can't hurt. I passed to the next grade. I'm in my exam year. I became 18. I still love al of my friends. Went to Singapore. My dad is back for a while with my grandma... That's about it. I'm posting again. That is the important stuff here. Well to be frank, wich I'm not cause my name is Nori not Frank, I got alot on my chest. I just wanna scream it out but I can't. It involves dying... :0 that was a joke haha fat chance -_-. Nah, it involves schoolexams, friends, love, driving, money, jobs and a lot of misery. Not really or really, it's sort of real. I just have a hole in my heart and I want to fill it and I know with what I have to fill it but it's hard to find that what. Everyday I think about my problems and about the happy part of my life. But it's always falling asleep with that hole in my heart =(. Well I talked not alot?????questionmark???. Help me keep this blog alive by commenting and showing that people are reading it, that includes you. I thank you very much for you attention.

signing out,
your beloved Norman

One response to “It's alive!!!”

Ner- said...

finnally posting again huh?..
made you jealous =D...
posting is fun..