game : GAMEPLAY 2007

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It felt like it was only yesterday that it was gameplay 2006 and now were standing at gameplay 2007. Unbelievable. It was more fun then last year but last year was fun to because it was the premier for the Wii en PS3 for me and my friends. Anyway let's get to the point.


Well there weren't many games that I wanted to play. Not many cool premiers. I played Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. Damn that game makes your arms fall of -_-. It was okay. I wanted to play Rock Band but there was online a demo of "pro's" playing. LAME. Uhm... Owh yeah, Army of Two. Played it Co-Op with Dennis. Kinda rip off of Gears of War but it was okay, a lil chaotic. Frontlines Fuel of War. I owned Dennis in that game but that was because he had major lag but that's okay cause even if there wasen't lag he knows I will own him because computer FPS is my territory muahahahaha. Owh yeah, I also played Unreal Tournament 3. Was really fun and I played against the world chapion Lauke. It ended up third. Me and my friends really need to buy that game so we can shoot each other to the ninth heaven. ^_^

Me playin Unreal Tournament 3


Saw a few hotties but not something for me.
Boothbabe of the year award went to the middle one, the blondie and I think she's the most fugly of the three. The one in the white should have won.


Let's put it this way. If al my friends put there goodies together I still would have more goodies =D. Okay let's make a list:

2x sega keychain

1x xbox flute/light (got three but gave one to Nerrie and one to a lil kid)

3x condoms o.o (one for nerrie 2 for me xD)1x sega keycord

1x Colin McRea keychain

??x Assasins Creed tattoo's

1x bottle with liquid

1x pen

2x acer keycord

1x box of mint

1x Power Unlimited (it was just lying there)

1x Player One Magazine

1x big bag of MSI??? or something like that. used it to store my goodies.

3-5x stickers of something

1x internet sticker leaflet

1x wii book

and now the cool goodies (sort of):

1x supreme commander t-shirt (girls size -_-)

1x Conan figure (you don't wanna know how I got it... well you do wanna know but I'm not telling but it's the most funny story ever)

and now the most awsome goodie ever!!!! (but I don't have any use for it)


Don't have a PS3 but I'm planning to buy one and now I got more motivation and reason to buy one, right? ^_^ It as my lucky day. I really was on a killing spree.

The trip back to home on the train was hella fun xD.


Somebody left his/her baggage. This Nerrie looks angry. don't wanna see the massacre when the owner picks him up at the Lost and Found.

4 Responses to “game : GAMEPLAY 2007”

Mermaid said...


Gameplay was coool^

Story of Conan:
We were in the line for Frontline (gay-game). And all of a sudden, a goodiehunt begins. They were throwing stuff. And one of those was Nori's girlshirt (xD) and his Conan ~uuuhhhh~ The guy threw the Conan in a group of people right of Nori. They all jumped to get it, but all of them failed, and it flew through the air towards Nori, and guess what.. Nori catched it and didn't let go =D..

aight,.., great job Nori. (L)

Nori said...

it sort of happend like that yeah =D

rechmen said...

you got the assassins creed game..
and you cant..
cant...play it??0_0

cruel, very very cruel..

Anonymous said...

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