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What or Who is Zelda? A question that doesn’t occur that much. Shame you who don’t know Zelda. The Legend of Zelda. A game that was the first of it kind. Released in July of the year 1987. For the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the start of a new series of games. The Legend of Zelda series. A truly legendary series of games. The ones who played the Ocarina of Time, the number one of the Zelda series, knows what I’m talking about. The A Link to the Past game was also a number one indeed, but I still prefer the Ocarina of Time and so will many of you. But it’s the year 2007 now. Not long ago 2006 ended with one of the greatest promised game ever. But was it as great as it was promised? Tales of veterans tell different.

It’s 15 December when I went to the stores around six to get my Wii and my copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess. A game promised to be better then the Ocarina of Time, promised to have 70 hours of playing pleasure, promised to have the next-gen feeling, promised to have surpassed gaming. As I inserted my LoZ: TP into the Wii I felt excited and thrilled. Looking with amaze at the intro that I have already seen dozen of times. It never seems to disappoint me. After playing trough the first dungeon I felt a sense of relieve and disappointment. It has promised me the next-gen feeling and it was keeping its promise. The rest was still to come. The disappointment came from the boss of the first dungeon. To easy, to simple, to standard. The feeling it gave was from Ocarina. It was then that I realized that 50% of the game would be a remake of the Ocarina. And it was. It didn’t keep its part of the promise making the feeling a lot less. I kept on playing. Amazed about the size of Hyrule and amazed about the temples. But it was just too easy. A part of an interview of the director of LoZ: TP, Eiji Aonuma.

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Yeah, as I mentioned in the roundtable yesterday, one of our primary goals with this game is to create a game that exceeds Ocarina of Time on many levels. So in that sense, we do intend to fill the game with a lot of side-quests, mini-games, and puzzles, which will make it more challenging.

Seems he failed in that. Not drastically, but disappointedly. He promised it to be harder then Ocarina. It failed. It was easy, not challenging and the puzzles were simple. Just need to think over it. The side-quests however were indeed surprising and fun. Being able to canoe and to fly on a winged beast is simply remarkable. When I was at temple 5 I felt the end really close, just to find out that there are still 4 temples to go. That made me hope for the 70 hour promise to be true because I was already at 25 hours. At the end I was feeling rather disappointed and glad. 39 hours till credits. 41 hours till hearts. 42 hours till bugs. Don’t know when the Poe’s will come. The boss being 50% ocarina style is rather not original Aonuma. Making the Wind Waker also like that. Make a new boss fight. No Ganon-pork or Ganon-Tennis. The duel was nice and fun to do. The horse ride was too easy. Let’s face it. The Legend of Zelda: the Twilight Princess didn’t keep his promise, ending in a lowly second place. Almost sharing it with A Link to the Past.

It was too easy. But the new game play of becoming wolf was fun while it lasted. The character design was unique. The story and plot was too easy to follow and lost mystery. The Master Sword was for me the most creative thought out idea in the game. It was simply remarkable. Being in the sacred grove for century’s guarded by two statues. The Temple of Time was also very unique. I hate the Temple itself but the idea of coming there was to awesome. I could fit my memory of the Ocarina of Time right in there. It was such a good feeling. I loved it. The Twilight Realm was one of its kinds, sort of. The plot change, nobody saw it coming. It was quite nice, but it had the Ocarina feeling again. The controls were a piece of highly technology thought out controller. It was fun, nice, easy, cool, simple and, especially in the Cave of Ordeals, tiresome. It was quite a feast having to swing your controller up, down, left, right, forward and backwards. Hell you even had to twist the controller. It was too easy next-gen gaming with a retro feeling of disappointment.


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