philosophical: memory’s

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Why are some memories’s so precious to us? Memory’s is a big word. It means a lot. For everybody. Memory’s are the big and little things in your mind. There are some things that stay there forever and sometimes it would just disappear like it never excited. Your childhood memories, your daily memories, your summer vacation memories, your school memories, your language memories, your music memories, your vision memories. All memory’s that are important to you. But why oh why are some memory’s so beautiful and some so disturbing? Whatever you do. Some will stay and some will go. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes a it’s bad thing. They say that the few seconds before your death you’ll see your whole life playing in front of you like a movie. I question that. How is that possible? Was there a time where dead people could tell story’s to the living? Where they could say what’s at the other side or what will happen? In my memory there isn’t. So I question the movie playback of your life. I just think you will go into a state of realization and you will, without knowing it, bring forward your most important memories. You will remember them. Not see them. You will feel them. Not hear them. Then you will go. To the grave and lay there till The Ends of Time waiting to be questioned about your life. Are memory’s that important? I ask that question a lot of times. Memory’s are handy, that’s for sure, but is it that important that you still know what you were watching on TV when you were six or eight years old. You even still remember the theme song. The feeling was so good back then that it just printed itself into our hard disk and will stay there until something removes it. Some memories are not that pleasant. They will haunt us for the rest of our short lives. Some memories have such an impact that they will make you do crazy stuff. In normal terms we call that Traumatized. Something must have happened and triggered a switch in your head. Or maybe not. It’s just how we look at it. How we deal with it. How we handled it. And of course. How we continue our lives after that. Is it that hard to realize. What has happened just happened. You cannot change it. So why is it still in our minds? Haunting us for the rest of out lives. I don’t have the answer to that question. But I do know this. You must live your life to the fullest, remember the stuff you have learned in your life and throw away what is inefficient and will be a third leg. Memories are only a thing of the past. A thing of the past has already happened so you cannot change it. Just live with it. Don’t sob to long over it. It will just ruin your future. Memories have effect on the future, you know. What has happened to us trough out our lives will make our decisions of live. How we are educated or what we have learned have influence on our future. Everything you have read until now is a thing of the past and just a memory. It’s up to you if you will remember the first words of this post. Some pieces of my memory’s:

The purple bike. Denver the Lost Dinosaur. Captain N. Captain Planet. NES. Pirates of Dark Water. The big, black, chasing dog. Pokemon. The old Mosk. The story’s of my dad and the questions I ask. Dinoriders. Shell day. TNMT. Kirby. Goku. Pieter Ouwens. Raoul Baker. Skateboarding on the dijk. The sandbox and our handmade seats. The crush on the pink power ranger. The heroic dreams. The Saturday night spent in my brother’s room. Red Alert 2. Ik, Mik, Loreland. Samurai Pizza Cats. Biker Mice from Mars.

Those are only a few important. Most of them are happy thoughts. Some of them are not so good. Sometimes I will just spend an afternoon reviewing my 17 years. It’s hella lot of fun. But I realized that what has happened and made a staying-memory in the past can also happen now. So right now were making memories so that we can review them later, when were 30 or something like that. Then I thought of this brilliant idea. If some memories can make such a big impression on our life why not make memories that can do the same. The great thing is that were old enough to realize that were making memories and we can remember them instantly. It’s like the same feeling we have when we remember an old TV show but then it just happened a few years, months, weeks or even a few days ago. Isn’t that wonderful. The trick is to make such a memory. How do you create memory? We do not choose what will stay and what will be dismissed. It’s up to our little brain up there and our heart to tell us what is good enough to stay and what is scary enough to traumatize us. Don’t we just al love the feeling of remembering? I do.

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G-Dork said...

Yeah I know! When I look at old pictures, a rush of memories poppin' in my head :D Owh hell yeah! Teh Botol!

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