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Many years have passed since I was in the second grade (AKA ninthe grade in USA) of junior High. That year many sort of experimental activities for the second grade were tested. Making my point. I was a test subject and so was the rest in the second grade. One of the experiments was to let second graders dance in front of an audience (their own parents) and look ridiculous. Not really. The idea was for us to learn a bit about the world of dance. Every group was assigned with a dance coach. The dance coach was usually somebody from the third, fourth, fifth or sixth grade. People with dancing experience. I, as a breaker, was thrilled. I even got a really cool dance coach that I know from my brother and breakdance. He was also a breaker. Me and my mates, we were the best that night. When I graduated to the third I volunteerd to be a dance coach along with my friends. We were the best and we created the best group.

It's not easy to dance coach second graders. Those kids are getting more childish and their losing respect against their senoirs. Their brute, dumb and they totally cannot dance. But sometimes it's nice having the feeling that your teaching them. We went for the so
ng "Hold it down" of 4 Hero I think. It's a cool song but because we got no-good dancers I had to shorten the song drastically and because I also had sounds effects and stuff it was shortend to 1:21. That's really short. It was a 80s gang battle kinda thing. The idea worked out wel but it al depends on the dancers. The preformed so-so.The next time I'm gonna coach with my butt-buddie Sweatsnel. I love my crew.

Friday the 26th of Februari. The night that my group will preform, it's probably the fifth time for me, I lost count. Like the last one it wasn't the "save the best for the last" dance. We weren't last and we weren't the best. That's 4 - 2 on my CV. It's always fun to do. Meeting new anoying second graders. Getting respect from the lower people. Jamming on the end song. Always fun. One of my very good Wiz Friends is sort of squeezing the footage of the show we shot into one movie. Look forward to it but don't expect to much. It includes a first person shooter where you have to follow me. Soon 2Danz will start for the last and third time this year. See me there.

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