life: why is it so hard

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Life is hard, isn't it? Or was is hard? I don't know anymore. I just want to live my life the way I want to. Become that, do this, have all of those and most of all have the dreamgirl of my dreams. Everyone wants that. It's the dream of every person... let me refer, the dream of every straight guy or lesbian. Gay guys don't want any dreamgirl, they want a dreamYMCAmember. Please oh please just let me go to Japan, build my home, keep my friends and give me my dream.


I wish it was that easy. To achieve al of that you need to study and be pretty lucky. It al depends how the universe reacts on you. Like the universe reacts. We don't know that, but we don't know alot of things. Back to the subject.


Study, be lucky, get good grades, having connections, high IQ, great SQ, strong EQ. This is me.

STR: 16 (need to work on that)
DEX: 15
CON: 13
INT: 19 (nerd)
WIS: 20 (I'm very wise, but how do I proof that?)
CHA: 15
Race: Human ( why can't I be super human)
Alignment: Chaotic weird (just believe me)
AC: 4
Class: Dreamer (aaaah... sugeee..)

If life was a video game it would be so easy. It would be train, level up, train level up, kill, pick up Gold, buy stuff, meet friends, high rank, meet girl, get laid and the process starts over again. Or I could just use cheats to cheat life. Up, down, up, down, left, right, square, triangle, left, right, *tjriing sound*. Cheat enabled. Infinite happyness, love and money. SYCE... that would be to dope.


I just want to study in Japan, become a designer in almost everything you can name, meet my girl, grow old and finally review my life in heaven. Alot of things need to be done. I hope I'm taking the right way. I just need a clue, a tiny clue that would show me the direction. *sigh*. We know if you want something you need to do something, but some people can't get that into there thick skull. Jackasses. Now I know, life isn't hard, not at all, it's the people in it that makes it hard. We make it hard for ourself. Were the ones that made it hard. Making dreams so big. They were small first and now look at them. Some are as big as planets. I hope my dream is achievable and will be achieved. Everybody root for me.

8 Responses to “life: why is it so hard”

Mansyah said...

dude, if life was a game, i would be snake solid,
you know, creeping through all those guys dressed in white (OMG THE KKK!!!!)
but yeaah..
you know what my dream is.
earning my money with music, or something that i like, but i mean,
i cant make money with supermie..
another dream gone up into smoke
well.. save it, i'm going to cry at the shrink.


Nori said...

shrink till you drop dead thats the only solution if you wanna earn money with supermie. dont ask what supermie has to do with shrinking. its not for us to ask.

Anan said...

I like getting laid...

i wanted to say more but i forgot:)

Anonymous said...

what's up with the i don't post anymore thingie?

Anonymous said...

aahhhh kamu itu, senang laid2 nya aja, emang piemeltje OEPS burung mu udah besar ja?

Anonymous said...

aaaah kamu omong kosong aja,
emang PIEMELTJE oeps, BURUNGMU udah besar jah?

Anonymous said...

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