life: snow shuffle

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Today. Today was a suck day. Sort of. Second hour school starts. First class, Dutch. Presentation about breakdance. I stood there with my butt and with SoLiD and his butt. Our presentation. It went like this. SoLiD started and I was like WTF!?! Your reading my part. He’s like WTF!?! The fat part is your part? Yeah! Owh! So when I was talking he was like reading his part for the first time and stuff. Trying to put al of that shit in his tiny skull. It was his turn to talk now. He improvised and he was damn good at it. SoLiD!!! Join “Who’s line is it anyway”. You’re great. We ended up with a 7.5. Pretty good, I say. Especially for my class. My class sucks in everything. Third Hour. Math. Kinda boring but okay. I can live with it. Fourth hour. Nothing. Convinced SoLiD to stay on school instead of going home. I lend him 3 euros. He ate breakfast. After that we went to the hallway and breaked a bit. Nermin and Bob sucks. They don’t do shit. Get some confidence man. They were really dead, but I and SoLiD danced a bit, especially SoLiD. It was fun. AB10 did some flares, trying not to ruin his shoes or get them dirty. His precious Nike SB’s. Their cool.

I just hate concierges. They so suck. They say so many things, trying to be funny, but they just aren’t funny. Not at al. You also can hardly understand them. They talk like their retarded. Hmmpf ey aya omphfaka. WHAT?!? Learn to talk dude. They are bunch of racists. Saying to turn of our music while other people can listen to music. Kinda Racistik, don’t you think. It’s because we white people are black, right? RACIST. Put this blog up your ass. I can shove a broom up your ass and I will not start with the side where you usually hold de broom. Now you know how it’s like to be cleaned. You could use a cleaning session.

Please don’t mind what I just wrote. Break was fun. Fifth hour. Math, again. More relaxing. Kinda hanged over our chairs and chilled. Talked about was just happened with SoLiD. Breaktime. I mean like break with food and stuff. Got two Mars Delights for the price of one. Gave a half of one to SoLiD. We got sort of sick after the break. Sixth and Seventh hour. German and German. Please have Mercy. Two hours of Chewbacca looking misery. Whetto Kids sucks. Stop with the German rap. Last hour. Kinda weird. Anoying. Don’t want to explain. Another lecture about learning. I don’t learn and I came home with a 7.3, 8.5 and a 9. Easy, BOYAKSHA. Now for the fun part. On the way home it looked like Alaska. Frikkin snow. It was CooL and SnowY. The snow came everywhere. It was fun thought. When I came home I was like “MOM… it’s snowing :)”. Hot coco with marshmallows rocks. Just don’t over do it with the marshmallows. My tummy is still upset. Then some secret stuff happened that I won’t tell to you about so “HAH”. El Divino – Happy. If anyone can find that one. I appreciate it.

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Mansyah said...

the shuffle idea is cool y'know.. ( i mean what you want to do with your congierge) but ehhmm can i reccomend you to try a klysma :P
y' do know what a klysma is huh??
hope you do:P

mr.devilhead himself.